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Author Topic:   The one and only non-creationist in this forum.
Alfred Maddenstein
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11-02-2012 8:16 AM

I propose in this thread that I am the one and only non-creationist in this forum. That is simple. I cannot conceive a single atom to be created out of nothing or being turned into nothing. An atom that exists could only be relatively absent in a relative location or it may change its form, split or fuse with other atoms if it is present there. Creation is absolutely impossible in any way, shape or form. Nothing is new but all is only newly reconfigured in ways that are rather old is the only rational position possible in my view.
The others on this site I divide into two groups. The majority of cryptic creationists who are firmly in denial. And the minority of open creationists ridiculed and bullied by the majority of those firmly in denial about their creationism.
I might have overlooked someone who is also an open non-creationist here, and if such is the case, then the cat owes them an apology. They are welcome to come out.
Open creationists get some respect from the feline for being open. Also being in minority gets some sympathy by default. Besides since bigbangism is a far greater violation of reason than open creationism,- after all, open creationists propose an object they call God, however inconceivable, while bigbangists do not suggest anything but pure nothing as the ultimate source of not just one but all the atoms in existence, the open creationists have some advantage on logical grounds. While the cryptic ones deserve ridicule only for being in such an absurd denial.
Denial is impossible and here is the testimony from the horse's mouth:
Mr. Hawking is the idiot idol of the cryptic lot and this is his position in his own words all here are invited to justify or deny: "Since there is such a law as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself out of nothing."
Enough said.
Since that is free for all now, anybody is free to demonstrate they are not creationists cryptic or otherwise or defend their creationism before the Cheshire who will analyse and evaluate all the claims staked to such a position.
Thank you.

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11-02-2012 8:43 AM

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