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Author Topic:   Another anti-evolution bill, Missouri 2012
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01-13-2012 4:42 AM

Yet again an attempt is being made to legislate for the teaching of Intelligent Design in schools. This Bill is the fifth bill of 2012, yep the fifth, to challenge teaching of evolutution.
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Having read the Bill (it's not long) it's just a rehash of Dover with the usual confusion over law, theory and hypothesis in science.
At this rate of around one Bill every 2 days, the legislature is going to be snowed under with this nonsense.
While it's relatively easy to pick this Bill apart, it's more difficult to understand why this continues to happen after the Dover trial, after all you'd think the ID crowd would want to hide their performance in court under a bushel.
I'd like this thread to discuss why the Dover trial hasn't put a stop to this nonsense and why anyone would think that children, just beginning their journey into science and it's methods, would possess the knowledge and critical thinking skills required to assess ID and evolution when supposedly educated adults are unable to, as is demonstrated in all it's awful clarity in the text of the Bill itself. It would also be of interest to determine if the ID crowd have made any advances which would render the Dover judgement outdated and wrong.
Education forum if promoted please.

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01-13-2012 9:07 AM

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