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Author Topic:   Evolution/design of human teeth
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From: slovenija
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11-12-2011 2:56 PM

Im writing this because i have a tooth infection and the dentist cant/wont do anything about it until i finish eating my antibiotics.
From an evolutionary standpoint our teeth design make no sense they are verry prone to infection, caries and loads of other stuff and i cant see myself as a caveman with a tooth infection wanting to go and hunt mammoths and father children so why has this problem not been rooted out by natural selection.
From a designer standpoint its even worse the designer should have known that this teeth design blows, why could he not give us a version of alligator teeth that have a spare tooth ready underneath the teeth they are using so if one falls out it gets replaced instantly and a noter spare is grown underneath.

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11-13-2011 7:09 AM

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