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Author Topic:   Evidence
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02-05-2011 7:13 PM

RAZD has proposed a topic which no one wishes to take on, that would be the atheists here, who have no evidence for their position.
Although I agree with RAZD in general, I do not in some areas.
Since what RAZD calls strong or absolute atheists are hidding behind their keyboard, I'll take him on.
RAZD, I am a #1 absolute deist. God does exist.
I do not regard my position as illogical or irrational, and I am prepared to defend that.
Yes, and that would include presenting my evidence for my position.
I only ask that if I ask a question you answer it or say you don't how to or what it means. I will respond with an explanation. I will answer all your questions in time, or admit I can not..
You do know what a koan is? My questions will be on topic even though you may not see it immediately. Please just answer them or say you can't.
I have looked for months here where the atheists could present no evidence.
As an absolute deist lets see if I can do better.
Admin and RAZD I'll go one on one in a great debate.
petrophysics aka martin granica

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 Message 2 by petrophysics1, posted 02-08-2011 4:58 PM petrophysics1 has not replied

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02-08-2011 4:58 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by petrophysics1
02-05-2011 7:13 PM

Let's wake up
Hi Admin
Are you guys asleep, on drugs, or just looking at pictures of Obama in rapture.
RAZD has agreed to this debate. I'm on go.
Can we get you to say something, anything, before the end of this century.
All my best!

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 Message 1 by petrophysics1, posted 02-05-2011 7:13 PM petrophysics1 has not replied

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02-08-2011 7:04 PM

Thread Copied to The Great Debate Forum
Thread copied to the Evidence (RAZD and Petrophysics only) thread in the The Great Debate forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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