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Author Topic:   Cowardice, Creationism and Science Education: University Presidents
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04-06-2005 12:47 AM

Cowardice, Creationism and Science Education: An Open Letter to the Universities is written by John Rennie, editor of Scientific American. In it he mentions a forum he was at with many university presidents where not one was willing to publically support evolution. He proposes that the universities are part of antievolution problem because their unwillingness to speak up for fear of antagonizing those who dislike evolution.
So this brings a few questions for the board:
1) What should be the role of the university administration in the fight against anti-science and/or lack of good science education.
2) Are they part of the problem?
3) What should be done about it if they are?

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04-06-2005 1:13 AM

Thread copied to the Cowardice, Creationism and Science Education: University Presidents thread in the Education and Creation/Evolution forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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