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Author Topic:   morality, charity according to evolution
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05-07-2006 4:53 PM

In the Biological evolution forum, the topic "intended mutations" ended up into a partial debate about how morality and charity fit in with the evolutionary model.
Nemesis Juggernaut said, paraphrasing it, that our social nature has nothing to do with evolution.
I refuted this, but he stuck with his original position. Since it was off-topic in that thread, I'd like to open it up into a new thread.
So, we developed the ability to play music in order to procreate? That makes no sense to me, but for now I'll oblige. Okay, then what happens once you gain a memeber of the opposite sex to procreate with? What social event usually follows this? Marriage. And where does marriage fit into the evolutionary paradigm, when it would be much more wise for me (from an evolutionary point of view) to procreate with as many females as I can. Lets think of the social disaster that would befall all of mankind if we turned animalistic by copulating with any and every female that walked by.
marriage easily fits in. we are not the only species to mate for life. Swans are the only other ones I can think of off the top of my head, but I'm sure others can add some. Now then, how does it fit in with evolution?
It fits in because it provides a continual partner. Instead of having to duke it out with all the rest, I've got a mate that I can count on for reproductive success for my life (under normal circumstances, not counting things like divorce).
So, you take care of dying people so that you can score with chicks who like the sensitive type of guys? That's why we've evolved into philanthropy and playing music? That doesn't make a whit of sense to me whatsoever and that is pure conjecture.
It's not conjecture. Let's take a look at our relative species. We have neoteny. In other words, we keep our juvenile characteristics. THis makes us look gentler. I don't know about you, but an adult, male gorilla or chimp are much more fierce looking than when they are young. It may not make sense to you because I'm not the greatest at explaining this feature of evolution.
however, somehow my speaking about music and philanthropy countering the evolutionary model, was turned into people working together to survive. The two are not in any sense synonymous with one another
Isn't survival what evolution is all about? You know, surviving so that you can reproduce and have offspring. Working together to survive increases your reproductive success because you live longer and have more oppurtunities to procreate. Just becasue you cannot see how this is so does not mean that this is not so.

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05-08-2006 7:12 AM

Thread copied to the morality, charity according to evolution thread in the Biological Evolution forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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