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Author Topic:   the problem with ID
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03-25-2006 2:37 PM

It seems to me that there is one major problem with ID, which most people have likely noticed. If it is to be a scientific theory, then the intelligent designer must be proved. My question--can you prove this entity, of which there is no evidence for (as far as I know). If you can't, then ID becomes faith based. And before you say the same about evolution, don't. Science does not have faith. Instead, one understands, one does not believe.

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03-26-2006 4:31 AM
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03-25-2006 2:37 PM

I don't think this OP makes its case very well. In fact I'm not sure there is even a case to be made in terms of demanding absolute proof for anything in a scientific context.
Could you perhaps provide some scientific rationale for why the application of ID theory would require prior proof of the existence of the intelligent designer?

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 Message 1 by kuresu, posted 03-25-2006 2:37 PM kuresu has not replied

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