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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Version 2 of Message Board
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02-24-2001 10:36 AM

Hello, everyone, and welcome to version 2 of the Evolution versus Creationism message board. We have a new look and many new features. Here's a list of the changes.
  • The board's browser window is now divided into three parts.
    • The top portion is the title bar. It will always contain the name of the club, a couple pictures and important messages. Right now I'm looking for moderators.
    • Along the left side is the sidebar containing direct links to all the forums, forum information links, site navigation links, and administration links. Below that are links to evolution/creation discussion boards. I'll gradually be adding to this list, so reply to this message if you know of some I haven't added yet.
    • The remainder of the browser window is dedicated to displaying all other forum information, be it messages (like this one), lists of topics (threads), forum summaries or help files.
  • The top right hand corner of many pages contains a box where you can set the number of topics you want listed. For example, right now it probably says Show last 20 topics, except the number may not be 20. This capability is new, as it used to say Show topics from last 20 days. You can still choose to display topics by time, but this will not work well for some forums. For example, the Links and Information forum may have important information that was posted long ago, and so wouldn't appear in the topic list for a setting of Show topics from last 45 days, while it would show up for a setting of Show last 20 topics.
  • The first page displayed when you visit this message board is the Topic List for All Forums. It lists all topics of all forums in chronological order, most recently first. In the right hand column is a link to the topic's most recent message.

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