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Author Topic:   Free will but how free really?
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09-21-2008 8:02 PM

This thought emerged in my head while i was replying in another thread titled "Rights of a conscious entity". Here it is:
"I am not afraid of death but my genes(selected by Natural Selection for best survival) dictate me to be afraid. On the other hand the genes are me, so where did the free will go? Or do i even have a free will or is it just a set of genes that dictate my free will? Oh well, our whole lives are controlled by genes which we didn't choose, maybe we should call it our "free but dictated/controlled will"."
So what do you say, do we have a free will or is it just pre-"programmed" by Natural Selction and chance(random DNA mutations), fooling us into thinking there is a free will?
And if i am right to suspect there is no true free wouldn't that mean we are simply pre-programmed biological robots, since we didn't choose our genes(the ones carried by the sperm and the egg that coupled with a bit of random mutations instruct how our brains are to be formed and determine our characters, our tastes, our behaviour, etc.)? How do we know what free will is when we are constrained by a set of genes that control all of our reactions, emotions, etc. including our perception of reality?
I have no idea which sub-forum this should go into but I know it will surely go offtopic to what reality is and if it exists at all.
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09-22-2008 8:56 AM

Thread copied to the Free will but how free really? thread in the Miscellaneous Topics in Creation/Evolution forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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