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Author Topic:   Neutral Education
Reality Man
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01-10-2008 1:17 PM

This is my first topic/post, and forgive me if this has been discussed before...
Personnally, I think that both parents and schools should only teach kids the very basic things they'd need to lead a successful and rewarding lifestyle, and the abilities that allow these kids to make up their own decisions once they reach the age of consent, when they are mature and educated enough to decide on their own, without someone else imposing their beliefs onto them. In short, a neutral upbringing.
That's what my parents did with me; both of them have different beliefs, and never once did they impose any sort of faith or beleif system onto me. Today I am a happy atheist, and it was solely my choice; no one taught me about what religion is better, or that god does or doesn't exist. I just "grew up", learning math, morals, physical education, literature, world history, etc....
I think that work for our world. Of course, that's just me speaking, personal experience and all. There'd almost have to be some sort of observer that would analyse my life and determine if there really wasn't any influences,.... But the concept in general, should work.
What do you think?
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01-10-2008 1:36 PM

Thread copied to the Neutral Education thread in the Education and Creation/Evolution forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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