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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   No evolution/creation debate in Europe
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12-20-2007 6:37 PM

Europe is having a laugh. You know why? Because a large percentage of the people in our country, the United States of America still believe that god created Adam and Eve and therefore all mankind. Ask the right questions and you will get the right answers;
Did god create PC's? No Scientists did.
Did god tell you to use nitrate fertilizers and herbicides to increase your crop yield? No Mr. Farmer science did.
Did god tell us what genes in the DNA stand for? No that was science.
We are able to create life forms because of science. Today medicine cures lethal illnesses that killed thousands of people in the past.
Science solves problems!
God might help you to get over the loss of a beloved relative but he will not solve problems for you because after all he is just an imaginary figure that we call now and then to help us understand the unknown and help us to get rid of unwanted feelings like fear or sorrow.
Europe is having a laugh. Please make them shut up! There is no such discussion going on in Europe because of the huge amount of apparent evidence in favor of evolution. Make me a patriot again and start believing in facts everyone.
Edited by Adminnemooseus, : Changed topic title from "No such debate in Europe" to "No evolution/creation debate in Europe".

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Joined: 12-20-2007

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12-21-2007 8:44 AM

May I request to copy my thread to “Education and Creation/Evolution“ since the whole Creation vs Evolution dispute is mostly due to the low educational standards of our school system?

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12-21-2007 9:54 AM

Thread copied to the No evolution/creation debate in Europe thread in the Education and Creation/Evolution forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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