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Author Topic:   Rebuttal To Creationist Peanut Butter Argument
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05-21-2022 5:15 PM

Creationists Try To Disprove Evolution & Abiogenesis Through.....Peanut Butter?!
This video demonstrates how creationists conflate the abiogenesis theory with a scientific theory that is now debunked in order to undermine abiogenesis, which, although not emperically proven, has good evidence behind it.
Creationism is dangerous to childrens critical thinking faculties because it tells them to shut off natural scientific explanations in favor for the supernatural, which there is absolutely no evidence for in any sense.
Creationists try and influence the minds of children and adults through deceptive tactics and fear. This video is using the former tactic in which they try and take advantage of peoples lack of scientific understanding of these concepts.
Discussion after watching the video - What other things can you think of that ceationists confuse or conflate with something else?

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05-21-2022 9:17 PM
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05-21-2022 5:15 PM

On topic spam, but he's still spamming
Not going to promote, at least for now.

Or something like that©.

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