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Author Topic:   Working Hypothesis -- what is the value?
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08-13-2014 8:05 PM

The process of the scientific method involves starting with an hypothesis and then testing it.
Let us take the Yeti as an example (see YETI nother explanation?) ...
As yet there is questionable evidence that something exists (ie - footprints, reports of sightings), and now there is possible evidence of a bear related distantly to polar bears.
Bears (especially polar bears) tend to be solitary, and hibernate in caves, so this behavior fits the reported patterns of the "yeti" better than an ape (as they tend to live in family groups). White fur would also match polar bears.
So it seems to me that a good "working hypothesis" is that the yeti is a bear ...
... so now we come to the issue of the value of a "working hypothesis" -- what does it do?
Ostensibly it helps to formulate the search parameters for further information\evidence ...
... for those interested in pursuing the matter.

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08-13-2014 9:28 PM

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