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Author Topic:   The smoldering of EVC
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12-30-2013 9:13 PM

It is with a certain amount of glee that I watch the now complete decline of a website that once purported to be an inclusive forum for rational debate concerning evolution and creation. As we can now clearly see, that no longer exists, although in reality it never did, it just was a better illusion before, because they had topic names that actually looked like places where people could debate. That was never true, you never could debate, because Percy wouldn't allow that, but it looked like you could if you were a first time visitor. Ha, good riddance to that. Now look what you have:
Is religion good for us.
Why the flood never happened.
Do we need God.
Have you ever read Ephesians
Bible and Plagerism.
Was Jesus's crucification all part of God's plan.
We invented Jesus Christ.....
Oh how it amuses me. Percy's evil little plan has wrought his own little bible study group. And Dr. A and Coyote are his altar boys. Ho ho ho.
I like to think I played no small part in exposing the fraud of this website for what it was. A poorly executed mouthpiece for Percy to attempt to convince the fence sitters to join his church of wounded pilgrims. They pretended they wanted to discuss science, but Percy made sure that would never be allowed, by silencing all detractors of his world view, and giving harsh warning to the rest about making sure you toe the party line. Dissent will not be tolerated in Percy's little cocoon. Tar and feather the evolutionist doubters if you must, but just make sure no one can trace the tar back to him. But don't worry, HE will protect you.
But that's what can be great about the internet, it can expose the truth, no matter how much someone tries to grab a monopoly of it. Percy wanted to post his propaganda with just enough disguise to try to trick the unsure comrades, but eventually his banana republic couldn't keep the doubters from fleeing. He said, this is my site, and I will post whatever false information I want, because heck, its free advertising for how I want the world to be. So now he has exactly the world he created, a bible mock group. Oh the joy.
I called you on it Percy, and being vindicated is kind of fun. You were warned repeatedly. Now you have been banished to your own island. You don't own science, it goes on with out you.

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12-30-2013 9:42 PM

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