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Author Topic:   WTF is wrong with people
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09-27-2013 11:18 AM

Is about half of the world population, mentally retarded or what?
Explaining evolution or global warming or germ theory seems simple as the concepts are simple to grasp. Yet some people just dont seem to be able to grasp such simple concepts. Now i know that by all common measurement i have an above average IQ but i know that these thinks cant be that hard of a human of average intelligence to understand. But yet no matter how diligently you lead them from point A to point B to point C they get lost. But on the other hand they have no problems believing wild and crazy shit like reptilian aliens hijacking our governments, Mayan end of the world scenarios, daemons causing illness, Creationism, wide conspiracies among scientists (in some cases reptilian aliens or daemons pretending to be human scientists) to fraudulently support an untruth and ignore the real truth that hey know.
When i met my first creationist i thought he was a Poe or a satirist, then i thought he was a minor sect member but half of the US believes this bullshit.
Now can someone explain to me how this and worse can be still going on in the 21 century.
How do we stop it, or what can be done about it?

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09-27-2013 12:46 PM

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