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Author Topic:   The Failure of Rohl's New Chronology
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08-30-2013 10:30 AM

David Rohl has been discussed here before. But since it is being brought up again I think it best to have a new topic to address it.
I wish to start with this: How to Fail a Test of Time
The author, using the 'nym Steelclaws identifies himself as an:
Assyriologist with minor in Theology (OT Exegetics)
His major point in the essay is that the Amarna Letters - a cache of diplomatic letters found in the remains of the short-lived Egyptian capital city - provide a wealth of links to other peoples. THese links allow the Amarna period to be dated through the Assyrian chronologies, and provide an independent check on the Egyptian chronology.
The dates that come from the Assyrian chronology put the Amarna Period in the 14th Century BC, in agreement with the standard chronology.
This is a major blow to Rohl's chronology which chops 350 years out of Egyptian history, moving the Amarna Period to the 11th-10th Century BC.
It also makes Rohl's idiosyncratic interpretation of the Amarna Letters dealing with Canaan untenable, since the letters were written centuries before Saul and David lived.
Indeed it is hard to see what Rohl could do, without also chopping the same 350 years out of the Assyrian Chronology. Which would require a great deal more work.

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08-30-2013 12:05 PM

Thread Copied to The Bible: Accuracy and Inerrancy Forum
Thread copied to the The Failure of Rohl's New Chronology thread in the The Bible: Accuracy and Inerrancy forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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