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Author Topic:   God’s glitch in Eden. A & E had to break God’s second command to accomplish the first
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07-28-2013 11:07 AM

God’s glitch in Eden. A & E had to break God’s second command to accomplish the first.
Eden is a rather easy myth to follow if you are not a Christian and do not see a fall but the elevation that the Jews had originally written into that story. Jews thought that man having his eyes opened and gaining God’s moral sense was a good thing.
Christians do not and ignore the bible that says that that moral sense is the number one priority we are supposed to be working on. Be ye as God.
God told A & E to reproduce in Genesis 1. That was for the two people made of clay. Most Christians do not take the Lilith myth as real for Genesis 1 and would rather believe that God created woman as an afterthought with Adam’s rib. Dumb to dumber.
Genesis 2 shows a rather stupid omission for a God who does not seem to know that a human male needs a human female to reproduce.
Yet God not only failed to give Adam a mate, a glaring idiocy by any measure, until Genesis 2 but also did not give Adam the desire to reproduce till Adam gained that desire on his own by ignoring God’s immoral command to basically remain in ignorant bliss and stupid.
Adam had to eat of the tree of knowledge before he could reproduce or develop the desire for reproduction and sex. After all, desires and sex both have good and evil sides so Adam could not have done either without the knowledge of good and evil.
Do you recognize the truth in A & E not being able to do God’s first command to reproduce without first eating of the tree of knowledge?
Adam and Eve’s eyes had to be opened before sex. And that took the knowledge encased in the tree of knowledge.
Do you recognize that that is when Adam and Eve became able to reproduce or have sex because they could not desire it until after they ate of the tree of knowledge?

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07-29-2013 7:53 AM

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