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Author Topic:   Is there a life energy?
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03-21-2012 9:37 PM

What is 'life energy' ? .. What is 'permanence time' ?
Life Energy is the life force or living energy which, in nervous system, increases the rate of nervous vibrations.
Every nervous vibration is a trembling that equates to a sequence of time.
It might be alternated from a continuous sequence to an immediate and simultaneous sequence.
Permanence time [ or permanence of life ] is the expected time that the life energy will stay in the Human body.
Knowing that nervous vibration is the cause of all cerebral action, a nervous trembling may occur for different reasons: rage, famine, desire and others; the permanence time that is expected for the life energy to stay in the Human body can be extended endlessly when the reason why a nervous trembling will occur is a nervous contraction generated by a vibration which is called 'time of impact by the shortening between the right and left side of one's brain.
The respective shortening and nervous trembling occurs by pressing the palms of both hands together, pressed to each other with all one's strength. (complementary info might be added)
The first directives for the experiment to be accomplished is the distinction between compatible and incompatible frequency of the quivering [ or trembling ] which is consequence of the natural vibration of life energy [ in nervous system ].
When a person eats solely what is living then the nervous system is compatible for the natural vibration of life energy to be increased and extended.
That compatibility of the nervous system is necessary and required for the respective shortening during the experiment to extend the permanence time of life energy of the Human body.
And when a person eats continuously *what is not living then the nervous system becomes incompatible; because the sequence of time in it is too continuous and will lack in permanence for the life force to be increased during the contraction and trembling of the time of impact by the shortening between the right and left side of one's brain.
* e.g.: the grains of rice or beans are not living anymore when a person eats them.

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03-21-2012 9:38 PM

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