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Author Topic:   Lucy - fact or fraud?
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06-06-2006 8:54 PM

EvC Forum: Human Life Span & Evolution
You have mentioned lucy a couple of times now. Lucy was not found intact in one place. I read that the bones, including the knee (which showed, she was probably bipedal) were not just found in different areas, but actually at different depths, showing different age of bones. Sorry if this is off topic, just when people talk about lucy I feel I need to bring this up.
You realize that this is claiming that Lucy is a fraud, and that the scientists are charletans. That's a pretty serious accusation to just drop. I'll just say that your "source" is misrepresenting the truth to you. But you are right this should be a separate topic and NOT discussed here.
This is also a science thread, and statements like that need to be substantiated or withdrawn.
The purpose of this tread is to discuss whether the fossil in question is fact or fraud.
The first thing to address is the source of the claim quoted above.
Let the games begin eh?

Human Origins
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06-06-2006 9:06 PM

Thread copied to the Lucy - fact or fraud? thread in the Human Origins forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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