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Author Topic:   The race issue
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02-19-2008 1:18 PM

Hello all, I hope this is in the right forum. I'll start off by saying that i'm on the fence. I want to belive in creationism, but this major flaw is one I'd have to push aside to take it into account. If anyone here can answer the following questions, it would be much appreciated.
How do you explain the difference between the races? The evolutionary stance is that we began in Africa, migrating out and evolving over the course of 50,000 years. This makes perfect sense, since the Bushmen in native Africa have the genetic markers of everyone in the world. The migratory lines are clear. Considering the massive difference in dog breeds within 10,000 years, it makes sense the races would mutate to what they are now over a period of 50,000 years.
However, for creationism to be true, it just doesn't hold up. Essentially you're saying that the top link turned into the bottom one within only 3,000 years?
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How do you account for the skull differences and cranial makeup within the races? For example, a Negro and Caucasian skull -
How could the skull on the right turn into the skull on the left within only 3,000 years?
I've heard people say that the sons of Noah - Japeth, Shem and Ham - stand for the white, yellow and black races. But why would Noah give birth to three different races? That's genetically impossible, unless he had three different wives. I've heard it said that Noah had the genes in him to give birth to three different races - however, how then do you explain that everyone has the DNA of the Bushmen, yet those in the far east don't have the DNA of those in the west, for example? Nothing connects white to yellow except the genes of the Bushmen.
When we look at the statues of Crete, Troy, Rome and Egypt, we see that the European people back then look no different to those today. So if no mutations happened in those 4000 years, how do you explain the cranial differences between the races happening elsewhere?
It just makes no sense that the migratory periods add up perfectly. I've heard it said "How could a black man turn into a white man within only 50,000 years?" Yet just look at the huge variety of dog breeds today -
How can it be justified in any way other than evolution that every race on earth has the genetic marker of the Bushmen, but not the genetic markers of each other? How did the various races arise in less then 6,000 years, if the Bible is true?
There seems to be absolutely no logical explanation in the Bible in terms of explaining away the racial differences. The pre adamite theories have no leg to stand on whatsoever (because such people would have perished in the flood), so I won't go into them.
Thanks to anyone who can answer this. Like I said, I want to believe, but the race factor is too implausible.
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02-19-2008 2:28 PM

Thread copied to the The race issue thread in the Human Origins and Evolution forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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