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Author Topic:   Noah's flood and tarantulas
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12-07-2004 2:33 AM

Rejected, closed 4/26/05
This thread is probably related to the worm thread.
Last time I checked, there are over 800 known species of tarantulas (they will not and cannot mate with each other). As a tarantula hobbyist, I know for a fact that not all tarantulas are the same (duh). For example, the species G. rosea likes it dry. They may die if it's too humid. The species H. minax is the opposite. They like it wet and humid. It is very well known among tarantula hobbyists that sometimes you have to spray water onto some tarantulas to keep them alive. Others, you have to keep them bone dry, depending on the species.
While some species can swim and actually hunt for fish, most will simply drown if they come in contact with water.
Another thing is that tarantulas are very territorial. If you put 2 in one cage and turn around, one will magically disappear. If you put 3 in a cage, 2 will magically disappear.
Let us assume that there are indeed only 800 species of tarantulas. Did Noah have 1600 tarantulas in 1600 different cages?
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