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Author Topic:   Most Excellent Kevin Smith Movie, "Dogma", is on YouTube!
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10-03-2022 5:51 PM

This is definitely a "Links and Information"type of message, but I couldn't find a path into that.
Here is the announcement that I have messaged out elsewhere:
I just discovered on YouTube the greatest thing ever! A Chinese name posted the entire Kevin Smith movie, "Dogma" (1999). The greatest religious parody ever (albeit very Catholic-oriented and including Jay and Silent Bob). Undoubtedly Kevin Smith's greatest movie ever! Salma Hayek is great as "The Muse" ("That is why Elvis is the KING and you are nothing but a schmuck!"). Ownership rights (involving Weinstein, as I understand it from a Kevin Smith interview) are preventing it from any legitimate release in the USA in any form or format whatsoever. So enjoy it while you can.
In my comment on YouTube, I noted:
A Scottish author (Alexander McCall Smith: "44 Scotland Street") wrote of an anthropologist embedding herself within South China Sea pirate society in order to study them. They all went off on a massive pirating raid and she followed them in secret. What she discovered was them pirating DVDs.
Keep up the good work! In general we look down on pirates, but when you are the only channel to give us what we truly want, then by all means CARRY ON!
On our Atheists United message board on Meetup, I also said:
Praise be to pirates doing the Lord's Work!!
Share and enjoy!

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10-11-2022 7:23 PM

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Thread copied to the Most Excellent Kevin Smith Movie, "Dogma", is on YouTube! thread in the Links and Information forum, this copy of the thread has been closed.

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