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Author Topic:   Scientific Falsification of the Theory of Evolution (ToE) and Introducing ToE's Repla
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02-16-2022 6:26 PM

"Scientific Falsification of the Theory of Evolution (ToE) and Introducing ToE's Replacement" will be the probable title of my science article to be submitted in science journal early next month.

I claimed that I discovered the differences between intelligence and non-intelligence and had shared the link when I was invited by Steve Mcrae in his YT channel to discuss my discoveries. I had been sharing these wonderful discoveries in either YouTube or Forums or books. Science is for everyone!

It is so amazing that in our generation, a person like me could discover the real topic of intelligence and the implications to our science and to the world.

In addition with my science articles in Zenodo, I will be submitting a science article falsifying ToE. It is very easy to do it. But I need your help:

Do you know who are those scientists that had attempted to falsify ToE? I need some info or input from you guys/gals who love science too! Just put your answer below. Thank you!

I am in the half of article... pray that God will help me save humanity from ToE...

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