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Author Topic:   Is NFL legend Herschel Walker poised to be a Senator?
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02-12-2022 12:33 AM

I live in Nebraska, and there are 3 "home teams": Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs (especially), and Minnesota Vikings.

I have 2 roommates, and one is a lifelong Vikings fanatic. He is 60. He simply despises the memory of the Herschel Walker trade. He said the entire franchise was sold for Walker. He claims that 3 future years worth of early draft picks were given to the Cowboys for Walker.

I know the year.

I ceased watching football once I left high school, but the young New York Giant fan was horrified by Walker. This 9 year old, in 1986, saw his NY Giants loose the opening Monday Night Football game to Dallas, thanks to Herschel Walker (Danny White was pretty damn good too). The Giants won the Superbowl that year. Only Seattle would win another game against the Giants,that year. Dallas beat the Giants twice the next year, due to White & Walker.

As a person, I despise Walker. He farms chickens. I am an ethical vegetarian.

But he is beating Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock (Georgia) in 2 separate non-partisan polls. Just this week.

Republicans look poised to take the Senate.

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