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Author Topic:   The covid needles are killing more people than covid
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01-11-2022 6:48 AM

The average age of covid death is around 85yo... Life expectancy is 80... People that age die all the time but this time the panic and hype was played out like a theater

In a recent interview the CDC director, Rochelle Walensky said that
"over 75% of covid deaths happened in people with at least 4 comorbidities. So these were people who were unwell to begin with"... From the horses mouf

This is a mild virus that is nothing more serious than the flu. They had to inflate the numbers to propagate anxiety and fear to justify the attack on freedom and the introduction of medical tyranny and apartheid

But this information has been out for a long time already. Only 6% of covid deaths had no comorbidities.
Back in April 2020 Dr Birx said they have "taken a very liberal approach to mortality "... "if someone dies with covid we are counting that as a covid death"

So then how many people did really die because of covid...
USA has just over 800k... 25% of the deaths had under 4 comorbidities. 6% had none.
But to be liberal i will take 75% away from the 800k and that leaves us with only 200k deaths, max...

Now... Vax deaths... This is only estimated to be 1% - 10% of the real figures

The USA has almost 20k deaths from the needle... Im being conservative now by multiplying it by 10%.
So there are over 200k deaths from the injection in the USA and under 200k covid deaths...

This is a fair calculation done conservatively with the data we have. It could be much worse. What if only 1% are being reported... Then 2 million Americans would be dead from the jab. Possible

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