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Author Topic:   Do you have Questions for a Gnostic Christian?
Greatest I am
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12-28-2021 3:44 PM

With the mainstream religions failing, I tend to go to harm reduction topics to help the immoral right wing religions shrink.

I am not much into the myths we wrote to put against the Christian myth, when we all knew that it was foolish to believe in the supernatural.

I do like the universalist thinking and naturalistic aspect of religion that Christianity abandoned for supernatural thinking.

Garbage thinking to a Gnostic Christian.

Jesus asks in scriptures; have ye forgotten that ye are gods?

If you have forgotten your birth rite of godliness, but can think in material dualism terms, body soul term, then Gnostic Christianity has answers that I like and you might also enjoy.

I like to test my ideology/theology and show why I think it the best around, so if anyone would like to know why we are called the only good Christians, ask way on any moral issue and find out.


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12-29-2021 2:11 PM

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