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Author Topic:   A Very Nice Poster of the Geological History of the Earth
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01-05-2017 4:21 PM

When I visited the Wyoming Dinosaur Center last June I saw this wonderful poster, but they were out of stock. My wife found it in stock at a Rock and Gem shop during a recent trip to the Oregon coast.
There is an incredible amount of information included. The author's hypothesis is that our solar system's path through the Milky Way galactic plane caused asteroid impacts that may be correlated with extinction events at boundaries between geological periods, epochs, etc.
Even if you don't buy his hypothesis, the rest of the information, presented in a correlated manner makes this a nice reference.
I have always wanted a poster like this and a nicely laminated copy now hangs on the door in our kitchen.
The poster is produced by an outfit called PanTerra, Inc and they have a website:
Worldwide Museum of Natural History
They sell the poster for $25, but the copy they advertise looks like an older version than mine.

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01-05-2017 4:53 PM
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01-05-2017 4:21 PM

I found this poster about 15 years ago and had it framed and hung in my study. It is indeed excellent. I refer to it regularly.

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01-06-2017 3:31 AM
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01-05-2017 4:53 PM

This might be a good resource to "pin" for quick reference.

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