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Author Topic:   The Photography behind Earthrise
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02-04-2024 8:57 PM

Since my avatar is Earthrise I thought it would be interesting to post the backstory of how this photo came to be. Possibly open this in links and information?

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02-04-2024 9:40 PM

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02-05-2024 7:59 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by kjsimons
02-04-2024 8:57 PM

Before clicking on your link I'll just comment that there's not really any such thing as Earthrise on the moon. There's a little wobble, but the moon stopped rotating a long time ago, or more accurately, it rotates once per orbit keeping the same face always toward Earth. If you're standing on the moon then the Earth is always in the same place, morning, noon and night, unless you're standing on the far side, in which case there's never any Earth at all.
Okay, now I'm clicking on your link. Oh, it's a little long, I can't watch it now, but at the beginning he says it was taken from a spacecraft moving over the moon's surface. Yeah, that could create an Earthrise.
It's a YouTube video, so I'll embed it here:

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 Message 1 by kjsimons, posted 02-04-2024 8:57 PM kjsimons has not replied

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