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Author Topic:   The myth creationists take the bible literally or too literally
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04-03-2023 8:44 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by mike the wiz
04-01-2023 9:41 AM

mike the wiz writes:
The reason evolutionists want to spread the propaganda that we take it too literally ...
Where would Darwinism be without its ship-loads of propaganda?
I think Darwinoids - esp the atheist sub-species - take the story of evolution way too literally. Charles Darwinoid wrote a book of science-fiction, but millions of silly people interpret it literally. Bizarre.
Do you enjoy being LIARS when you LIE about us by saying we take the bible literally
To Darwinoids, telling lies is second-nature and is par for the course. Evolutionary (so-called) science is riddled with liars, charlatans and con-men.

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