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Author Topic:   Equality is downsizing religions, as parents refuse to downsize their love for an LGB
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02-23-2023 11:42 AM

Equality is downsizing religions, as parents refuse to downsize their love for an LGBTQ+ or female child.
Premise ---
Parents want to love their LGBTQ+ kids without prejudice or negative discrimination.
I see Christianity and all religiosity shrinking. Churches closing, etc, while new Temples and Mosques of the wisdom seeking genre, --- as opposed to God seeker, --- are popping up to replace the God seeker religions.
This intelligent trend is to put humans and universality and inclusion over the Gods we have created, --- is nice to see as it returns us to a modernized version of the ancient and better days.
Demographics and stats are clear that the God religions of today will either have to adapt to a more secular view, --- and especially stop preaching --- that a parent has to downsize their love for a LGBTQ+ child.
Gnostic Christianity and Laïcité are the future, as we already disavow such vile evil.
We curse words like --- and the men are a degree above them [women] and he will rule over you [women], etc.

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