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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   I Like Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Posts: 1522
From: Ky U.S.
Joined: 12-25-2009

Message 41 of 128 (906302)
02-09-2023 8:39 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Phat
02-08-2023 10:33 AM

For one thing, I agree with her rebuttal to Bidens state of the union speech.
I'm not sure just when the televised "responses" (by the other party) to the State of the Union speeches started, but at least in the past several, they seem to be not as much a response as they are just a re-hashing of the talking points of the party without the presidency. There are speech writers for the SOTU speeches, and I doubt if Sarah was the only one that came up with what she said - it looked like it was all planned out before the SOTU speech happened. It was the same when whoever it was (can't remember) responded to Trump's SOTU speeches.
It was about a half hour after Biden finished before she got started. I agreed with it of course, it's standard, accepted conservatism, despite what some Biden loving, free speech supporting (har) Democrats say here. But it seems like it could be prepared in a way that allowed someone like Sarah to plug in some actual quotes from the speech and address them. In the half hour between the speeches, there could be a room full of conservative note takers and suggestion makers who could quickly put together something like that in that half hour, including letting Sarah wing it on addressing a few of the things he said. She, or any number of others considered qualified to do that job, should be quick enough on their feet to do that. I didn't carefully analyze her speech, just watched it once, but I don't remember her being specific on anything he actually said. Comments Phat?

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Posts: 1522
From: Ky U.S.
Joined: 12-25-2009

Message 42 of 128 (906303)
02-09-2023 8:52 PM
Reply to: Message 5 by jar
02-08-2023 11:16 AM

Re: Is She Also Deplorable For Being Conservative?
*No, she is deplorable for trying to claim to be a conservative.
Phat writes:
My next question to you (Jar)is this:
What is a Conservative?
*Not anything seen in the US today.
*But today even Joe Biden is way too far to the hard right of conservatism as to approach fascism.
*And about basics. It's time y0ou tried to learn what "fascism" really means.
*You'll find it is exactly what the MAGA and GOP stand for and advocate.
Have you ever seen a political, round table discussion on CNN, MSNBC, or the mainstream networks by experienced, respected liberal commentators? Imagine you being included there, having a discussion with them. How do you think they would react to you? Do you have a source for any of these things you say?

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