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Author Topic:   Are religions, our tribes within tribes, now redundant and a costly moral and financi
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09-25-2022 2:51 PM

Are religions, our tribes within tribes, now redundant and a costly moral and financial burden.
Governments create laws for us, and some think some Gods do as well. Most countries are following their secular government laws while ignoring religious laws.
I think religions, our tribes within tribes, are now redundant, and a costly moral and financial burden. Like it or not, the state is now our real Gods. We follow state laws.
I like that, given that secular law is rather more moral than the laws of the supernatural Gods.
Those Gods like and use all kinds of evils against their powerless creations. They kill us with frivolous cause when they can just as easily cure, --- when they are not asking us to hate our LGBTQ children, --- and devalue the souls of women, --- just for the hell of it.
Nice that most states do not allow that evil to go too far within its borders.
Governments should raise the bar of goodness for religions though. They are getting way too loony in the far Qanon riddled right wing.
Religions promote that we trust our governments as they are there by the will of God.
Religions then proceed to preach for laws that are well below the standards of good governance and what the states have put into place.
The states that allow this are not doing their duty of having the secular law preached by those tax exempt professional con men and liars who run the religion.
If religions are so corrupt to not recognize the better state ideology and law, they should not be allowed to preach it’s evil and inferior theology and laws.
Our children deserve better than what our God religions are giving them.
We pay them many hundreds of dollars yearly.
I am a religious person. My God is as real as all other Gods. He is redundant. That is why Gnostic Christians are perpetual seekers for a better set of laws and rules to live by.
I think all the other Gods are redundant, regardless of the vast amount of good they gave us in the past.
I think they have become harmful to our Western societies.

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