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Author Topic:   The New Intelligent Design and Its Discoveries and Its Curiosities
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08-18-2022 3:46 AM

Hi, I just wanted to share to you the new Intelligent Design. I am the father and founder of it.
We are using many words in every languages. Me? I could speak three languages, and understand 30% Spanish and understand my own local dialect. That is fact.
We have dictionaries in mostly all languages. Mine? I have English dictionaries and Japanese dictionaries. That is fact too.
But, are all the words that we are using, especially in science, and those invented definitions and descriptions of those words, found in all dictionaries, are they really part of reality? How do we know? How can we test? Or, are some of those words part of invented reality that had come from fantasies, from those who had invented those definitions or not? How do we know? How can we test?
Now we are discussing in science. I think that you are talking science too. If you are going to ask a scientist (even here) this simple question:
"is biological cell intelligently designed or not?" (ID)
They could never answer that. We have dictionaries. We have invented definitions and descriptions of "intelligence". Why they could never answer that simple real question?
Sometimes, I gave them another options. I used another words for "intelligence". Here they are:
"is biological cell intentionally designed or not?" (ID)
"is biological cell importantly designed or not?" (ID)
"is biological cell smartly designed or not?"
Whoever invented the definitions of the words that I have given you above, why they could never answer a very simple question in science, especially in Biology? What is the problem? REMEMBER; every words have their own exclusive meanings and descriptions, thus we can use them in both explanation, falsification and prediction in science precisely.
BTW, my ID means, Intelligent Design...Intentional Design...Important Design... I am not only using intelligence in ID.
Either the invented definitions are not part of reality and must be changed, or we need to reinvent another realities, fantasies, perhaps, like Evolution. Thus, somebody must discovered the real and actual definitions and descriptions of those words - testable, usable, numerical, universal and scientific - to be used both in science and in reality, so that we could explain reality better. That is real naturalistic science.
That was my goal on 2005 AD, and I discovered them on 2011 AD...I am sharing them here to you on 2022 AD.
I hope you get me.

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08-18-2022 10:29 AM
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08-18-2022 3:46 AM

How is this any different from your other thread, The Power of the New Intelligent Design...?

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 Message 1 by MrIntelligentDesign, posted 08-18-2022 3:46 AM MrIntelligentDesign has not replied

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