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Author Topic:   All About Biblical Kinds
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01-29-2022 7:01 PM

Christians and Christian scientist like me are being insulted that we cannot even explain and define the Biblical "Kinds". Even the AiG is using BARAMIN or baraminology to explain "Kinds". In here, I would like to share how we must use science to explain the Bible. AronRa had given us hints.
What is the Phylogeny Challenge actually? This challenge is a challenge made by AronRa, as uploaded in his YouTube channel to, probably, challenge to think those persons who are against Biological Evolution, or Evolution. Probably, it was based on AronRa’s experience in dealing with those persons who are against Evolution. He thought that nobody in this world could rebut and uproot ToE. Thus, Phylogeny Challenge too is too hard to be rebutted, for Phylogeny Challenge is talking about reality. Phylogeny Challenge is a challenge to non-evolution supporters (like me) to make another model for the relatedness of all life forms - a new classification method, just like Phylogeny tree, based on the Biblical principle of “kinds”. AronRa thought that the supporters of Creationism, of old Intelligent Design (ID) and some religious folks had no models to fight head to head, science vs science and intellect vs intellect against Evolution. Thus, giving them this unanswerable challenge is both a win to AronRa and a defeat to those who are against Evolution.
What is Phylogeny Challenge to AronRa? If you have time, you can go to AronRa’s YouTube channel and you could see that he is uploading many videos that support the Theory of Evolution (ToE). But there is one video that had caught my eyes. It was the Phylogeny Challenge. Based on what AronRa had been saying in many online discussions, especially in the The NonSequitur Show, he admittedly said that doing a Phylogeny Tree, according to Evolution, was his hobby. Since he was trained, educated and molded in the science of Evolution, he relied on the science and explanation from Darwin. AronRa had said further in one of his explanations that the relatedness of all living organisms, as graphed and connected lines in a Phylogeny Tree, is one of the best examples of Evolution. Thus, to AronRa, the Phylogeny Challenge is not only his hobby in YouTube but also his lifestyle now.
Actually, based on his recent admission, AronRa said that his Phylogeny Tree, as hobby before, is now already his job, just like any other person with a full-time job. According to one of his friends (or probably staff? Or helper? for Phylogeny Tree Compilation), Jackson Wheat, AronRa now is doing a full-time job compiling all species and all possible known fossils and put them in a Phylogeny Tree to be classified according to the standard classification of ToE. It was a longtime dream of AronRa, as you can see in his many YouTube videos, that the Phylogeny Tree for Evolution must be completed to see the relatedness of all living organisms.
AronRa too had said that if someone will be going to support him, he will personally compile and complete the Phylogeny tree, as has been shown in his Phylogeny Challenge video. He loves it. He really is interested on it since no other explanations or models could compete the Theory of Evolution (ToE). And the Phylogeny Tree, as based on ToE, is making all paleontologists and biologists to be very busy looking for fossils to be included in the Phylogeny Tree. Busy which means job, job which means money coming in, money which means happy living here on Earth. And many people will praise AronRa for completing the Phylogeny Tree.
Thus, for AronRa, the Phylogeny Challenge is not only his challenge but one of his many bases in science. Basis, since he believes that no person like me could topple and replace the Theory of Evolution (ToE). He also probably believed that no one in this world, on any generations of Earth in science, could give a new model for biological science that challenges Biological Evolution. In this, he failed since I am here.
ALL ABOUT BIBLICAL KINDS (AronRa's Phylogeny Challenge Accepted) | Zenodo
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