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Author Topic:   I keep wondering about the future (2024, for example) Asian vote.
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12-21-2021 11:04 PM

I often find myself wondering "how the fuck", but it is a bundle of contradictions.

I understood why 60% of Asians voted for Bush over Kerry. (2004)

I could not understand why only 60% of Asians voted for Obama over McCain. (It should have been a 95% to 5% Obama win, and that is an understatement).

I understood was why Asians voted 75 to 23 for Obama verses Romney (but, again, how the fuck did McCain get 38%)

Why did Trump loose by aboutvtwice the margin to Hillary Clinton (73 to 25) than he did to the much better (than Hillary) Biden?

Trump lost to Biden 61% to 35%.

I think Asians will probably start voting Republicans again (though the Biden pullout of Afghanistan could pull it out for HIM in 2024, if he has a really sucky McCain-ish/Chenney-ish opponent), but Republicans are fairly repulsive too.

Asians had to face 2 extremely repulsive candidates in 2016, though most seem to admit that Trump was possibly the less offensive - in hindsight.

I have a hard time seeing Asians want to vote Democratic, as Asians tend to avoid radical fascism, and fascists in general. But Republicans have plenty of those types. (Trump was a sort-of murky difficult situation, but Rand Paul would be a clearly good candidate for the Asian vote)

Your opinion?

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