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Author Topic:   An Ether-Based Creation Model
Michael MD
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04-11-2021 12:03 PM

My Creation Model is based on a theory of a universal ether than underlies the quantum/atomic processes observable to us. Currently, there is a growing body of dissident physics theorists who claim that consensus physics is in error in holding that such an ether does not exist. -Here, I will not try to go into all the aspects of this theoretical disconnect, but rather I will just present my ether-based model of creation.
In my Model, any ether would have to be universal, by its very nature, and it would have had to originate according to a logical sequence of events. I propose that what came first was universal space, a "pure" space, free from everything else, such as forces. Thus, it could have been extremely self-compatible, such that small "localities" within it were reciprocally oscillating. These localities would have probably been of a very tiny size, and conceivably ultimately-minuscule ("point-like.") -Then, "points" adjacent to each other underwent oscillatory fatigue, and formed "Yin and Yang" couplets. (Oscillatory fatigue is a known process. It occurs in metals.) -This transition broke the perfect symmetry of oscillation, so that now there were ultimately-rarified ("elemental") point-like, or "etheric," units, which were now independently vibrating, rather than reciprocally oscillating.
However, this transition would not have been uniform and simultaneous throughout space. Now there were, here and there, couplet-units which would have tended to merge, as their mutual matching vibrations contacted and combined with each other. (The idea here would be that the non-uniformity of this first-causal process would have included some areas where the motion of various units happened to be relatively linear, which would have accelerated the alignments of different units, causing the units to entrain with each other, producing larger and larger units, at first "etheroidal," and then up to the size-scale of quantum units and atoms.
At this point., there would have been multiple fluxes of energy units moving in different directions. Like-to-like resonances would have tended to form confluences, or "islands," where extremely-intense, extremely-rarified, and complex energic processes occurred. Within such an "island," the combinations of energy units could even have produced quantization, and solid moieties. If one such moiety, or body, happened to be roundish in shape (or"cosmic egg" like), then any energic interactions of the body's outer surface with the etheric radiations in its surroundings, which happened to be tangential, could have resulted in reverberating circuits of energy around the body, which then could have produced a sapient Entity (ies).
Eventually, the overall ongoing processes would have brought about an "ether macrocosm." However, the effects of the transient type of magnetism of such a macrocosm upon any quantum bodies at such a quantized "island" would have made things unstable there, so it was decided to create a quantum macrocosm (our universe.) To accomplish this, electron/photons (the smallest and speediest quantum units) were projected, using the intense surrounding energies, toward a "virgin" ether region, causing the ether there to undergo a patterned, chain-reactional, transition to quantum units (as the electrons' motion through the ether aligned the vibrations of ether units, producing entrainments into larger units. (One effect of the electron/photon unit being used to create the universe would have been that its velocity (the speed of light) would have remained as the highest speed limit in the universe.)

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04-11-2021 1:00 PM
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04-11-2021 12:03 PM

Dr.Glenn Borchardt?
Michael it looks as if you edited. Please edit the original post rather than starting new topics. I too am editing. I looked up Dr.Glenn Borchardt as he too proposes ether based models. Have you heard of him?
Feel free to edit and re-edit as often a you like. We will review the post pending promotion. Please read our Forum Guidelines. Also let us know which forum you want to start in.
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04-12-2021 5:40 PM

There seems to be an active thread with this title, see An Ether-Based Creation Model, closing this down.

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