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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   In Memoriam: RAZD
Granny Magda
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06-23-2020 7:33 AM
Reply to: Message 17 by xongsmith
06-23-2020 5:51 AM

Welcome to the Fray
jeez, I didn't mean to make this thread come to a halt.
Well then I'll add a little more...
When I first posted here it was RAZD who welcomed me. But you knew that without having to check, because RAZD welcomed everybody. He was always so friendly to new posters, making them feel at ease, pointing them to threads that might interest them and, most of all, providing help with the dBCodes.
So many forums are a hostile environment to newbs. Some people will seize any opportunity to bully new members. Even without that sort of thing, a place like EvC could be especially intimidating given the expertise and erudition of many of the members but it's never felt that way. That is in large part due to RAZD's example. He was an extraordinarily generous guy and I will miss that.

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