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Author Topic:   Origin of Asteroids
Arkangel Daniel
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11-20-2018 1:25 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by doctrbill
12-06-2005 1:24 PM

Water is not capable of putting rocks into space, asteroids and comets were deliberately created by God. The process involves the particles of material combined and then melted to fuse them together to form rock. Comets are tethered to the sun through gravity and have their own orbital path that is not random and can be observed. The Tungaska comet was intercepted by Heaven sending a spaceship carrying a nuclear bomb. After detonation the remaining debris was teleported to another dimension preserving the planet. This was done deliberately in order for people to know an intervention had taken place by another race which was from Heaven. The Tungaska comet was capable of destroying the planet, it could move the planet away from the sun which would cause an Iceage and kill everything and also its impact would have killed everything as well. Other asteroids that have fallen to Earth have been intercepted by Heaven and destroyed in order to protect Earth although not as big as the Tungaska comet.e.g. The asteroid over Moscow a few years ago if that object had hit would have wiped out Europe.(and we would have had to start again) I am the Arkangel Daniel and I am from Heaven.

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