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Author Topic:   Photobucket test in windows 7 having gotten rid othat POS windows 8.1
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10-14-2016 1:30 PM

Well I can finally load stuff onto photobucket again. It would do some endless thing in windows 8.1. I got windows 7 onto this thing, no small task since this HP model was never used for 7, and finding all the 7 drivers for the hardware was a pain.
YEC's tell us all the rocks were deposited at one time and then later folded or faulted. Untrue, look at this photo. At the base of this outcrop the bedding is undisturbed. It also is in the upper section, but highly contorted in the middle. If what YEC's say is true, this outcrop cannot exist, but it does in Arches N.P..
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