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Author Topic:   Hypothesis: Humans evolved from Syngnathidae Hippocampus
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09-15-2016 9:01 PM

It is by far the most unique fish in the sea as your independent research will show and I submit to you it is a unique fish in the same way that we are unique animals.
Some of the things you should know (or google) about this fish:
1) It is the only fish with internal embryo development and viviparity.
2) It is the only fish with sexual rituals.
3) It is the only fish that is upright.
4) It is the only fish with a prehensile tail.
5) It is the only fish with a skin-covered exo-skeleton.
6) it is the only fish with a form of swimming called "hovering"
7) It is the only fish with "pivot feeding", a technique that enable 5 ms feeding time.
8) It is the only fish that has chameleon like color changing skin.
9) If is the only fish family with extant examples of all stages of its evolution, in this case from pipefish to pipehorse to seahorse.
10) It is the only fish that feeds prolactin to its young, the hormone responsible for milk in mammals.
Who wants to explore this idea with me?
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09-16-2016 8:52 AM

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