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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   The Science in Creationism
Dawn Bertot
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05-02-2016 8:07 PM

In a previous thread it was loosely argued that several factors such as Falsifiability, Parsimony and other factors cause Creationism to fail as science and fail to qualify for any serious scientific investigation
It was further intimated that Creationism cannot stand up to empirical testing and that it could not be considered scientific in the way the term Science is currently defined
And lastly it was directly stated in that same thread that Creationism could not stand the test of debate and that it has failed as a testable theory
From this it was concluded that many creationist had abandoned this website, due to an indefensible doctrine, theory or ideology
It is these issues that I purpose discussing in some detail to demonstrate that Secular Fundamental Humanists conclusion and the specifics I have mentioned, that alledgedly support thier assertions, are simply not the case
It is my belief that with closer exaimination of these allegations and assertions coupled with the Actual scientic evidence that supports Creation Science, it will be demonstrated that CS very much passes a scientific investigation
In post 107 of the thread Why We Should Not Expect Many of Any Creationists, I began to develops arguments in response to these assertions
It is here I would like if permitted to continue these arguments if permitted
Dawn Bertot
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