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Author Topic:   SN2016adj
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02-25-2016 3:09 PM

Thought it might be worth linking this thread to Falsifying a young Universe. (re: Supernova 1987A)
As I see it, there can be no way around the older Universe interpretation of the distance to supernova 1987A.
And I am talking about the GEOMETRICAL method of calculating the distance. This doesn't involve anything like standard candles, or relativistic redshifts but on good old trigonometry. (I do hope the YEC's accept trig.)
No way of varying the speed of light (one of the lamest concepts in YECdom) will at the same time explain this supernova being nearby and yet not changing the observed radioactive decay rates of the nickel and cobalt from the explosion.
This, and I stress, GEOMETRICAL distance gives a value of approx. 170,000 light years. No if's and's or but's about it
If for no other reasons that Eta Carinae was in the thread.

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