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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Materialism
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10-26-2014 3:58 PM
Reply to: Message 82 by Faith
10-08-2014 7:04 PM

Re: Amnesiac Homunculus
A person I know, in a normal state of mind, not through any special experiences, trauma or meditations or that sort of thing that might provoke it, described hovering above her body and looking down at her feet on the bed during what might have been a dreamlike state, but that's an unusual dream if it was a dream. I don't have any reason to doubt people when they describe such things myself,
Try the following experiment. Attend your friend while having them do a repeat of the floatation above their body while looking down at their body while you hold a few of many cards printed with various numbers beside her feet. Have them report the numbers they saw when they return to their body.
If out of body experiences were real and memory is recorded in the brain then how is it that there is any memory of those experiences? One brain state follows the next according to the laws of chemistry and physics. For your ideas to be correct there would have to exist a break in the laws of chemistry and physics in order for the mind to direct the brain to do anything at all. The opposite view that mind is the result of chemistry and physics is necessarily the correct view.
The only area that might afford a place for that to happen would be in the stochastic outcomes of quantum mechanics being "controlled" by the spirit or mind as you conceive it. But even though individual outcomes are stochastic the average outcomes are not. And there is Bell's theorem which disproves the existence of hidden variables in QM or IOW hidden causes for the stochastic nature of QM.

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