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Author Topic:   Do oceans of water in mantle rock prove the flood?
Dr Adequate
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07-08-2014 12:21 AM
Reply to: Message 105 by Dedit
07-07-2014 11:45 PM

There's a lot of nonsense in there.
Take this one.
This rapid cooling of the surface of the core would result in rapid reversals of the earth’s magnetic field.
These magnetic reversals would have been expressed at the earth’s surface and been recorded in the zebra-shaped magnetic stripes in the new ocean-floor rocks. This magnetization would have been erratic and locally patchy, laterally as well as at depth, unlike the pattern expected in the slow-and-gradual version. It was predicted that similar records of astonishingly rapid magnetic reversals ought to be present in thin continental lava flows, and such astonishingly rapid reversals in continental lava flows were subsequently found.
Now this is just equivocation. What they need is short --- incredibly short --- intervals between the reversals. What they have is a couple of (real) scientists saying that the reversals themselves are quick.
It's like someone trying to compress American history into a few weeks by saying, yes, we've had 44 Presidents, but the process (inauguration) where we change from one President to another only takes a few hours. And -then they say, "See, our American-history-only-takes-a-few-weeks model predicts that inaugurations should be quick. Behold the awesome predictive power of our theory!"

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07-08-2014 7:19 AM
Reply to: Message 105 by Dedit
07-07-2014 11:45 PM

Dedit writes:
Not impressed by these creationist arguments.
Me neither. Creationists always have to tell untruths. I've never seen any 'article' from a creationist so-called 'scientist' where they don't tell untruths. They always have to tell untruths. That's all the have.
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08-24-2014 8:46 PM
Reply to: Message 10 by Dr Adequate
06-17-2014 12:20 AM

Steam and sulphuric acid.
Such a monumental amount of steam as needed for 30,000 extra feet of water would boil off the earth's atmosphere.
The sulphuric acid would poison what was left.
Many volcanoes are submarine - there would have to be so many more of those than above water. This means the ocean temps would be raised so much that only those species you find around smokers would survive.
Personally, I would love to know how all that water got reattached to the ringwoodite in the mantle.
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