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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Julian Barbour on Time
New Cat's Eye
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Message 26 of 39 (730266)
06-26-2014 10:30 AM
Reply to: Message 23 by GDR
06-26-2014 12:20 AM

Re: Time passes faster when you get older?
In other word your perception of the passage of time has changed, which begs the question of whether the perception represents a reality specific to you.
Nope. Consider the Twin Paradox, where one goes flying in a spaceship near the speed of light while the other stays home. When they get back together, they are not the same age anymore.
Your perceived change in the passage of time only affects you, everybody else keeps on keepin' on.
Just to share my slow motion story: I was riding a 4-wheeler doing some sick drift turns. I kept going harder and faster until one turn the quad caught traction and flipped. I went flying through the air. Time totally slowed down. I remember right when I went airborne and everything got real slow and I even had time to appreciate the fact that I wasn't on the quad anymore and that I was, in fact, flying through the air. I thought: "Man, this is gonna suck when I hit the ground, I better tuck a bit but don't tense up too tight." Then BAM, I hit the ground and everything speeds back up to normal as I'm rolling down the track.
Oh, I got in a head on car crash once too. Saw it coming. That got slowed down as well. I remember feeling my back and butt start to lift up off the seat only for me to go smashing into seat belt I was wearing. I was cognizant enough to notice the weight being lifted off my ass, and then again, BAM, I hit the seat belt and everything speeds back up. It actually took me a few moments to get my wits about me to realize what had just happened, but while I was in the middle of the crash being lifted off the seat, everything was crystal clear... and really really slow.
But just because I was seeing everything slow down, doesn't mean that physical reality actually slowed down. It was just my perception of it. Everyone else around me didn't even notice that I have felt time slow, because it didn't actually slow down, itself, it just looked that way to me.

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New Cat's Eye
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06-26-2014 3:01 PM
Reply to: Message 29 by GDR
06-26-2014 2:26 PM

Re: Time passes faster when you get older?
It seems to me that you made my point. In the twins paradox they aren't the same age anymore. They have perceived time differently between the time the spaceship left and the time it returned home. Their individual perception of time created their own individual reality.
No, it wasn't their perception of time that created their own individual reality.
What changed the spaceship twin's time was how fast he was traveling, but he wouldn't even perceive it as passing at a different rate. It'd seem the same as any other time to him.
And the other twin's reality was just like everyone else who wasn't traveling that fast, so it wasn't individual.
Both of us have experienced situations where time appears to have slowed for us. We perceived time differently than those around us. If we had twins then maybe we are now a second or two younger than our twin in the same way that it is explained by the twins paradox.
Nah, you gotta go really fast for that to happen. Our perceptions don't change reality.

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New Cat's Eye
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06-27-2014 3:39 PM
Reply to: Message 36 by GDR
06-27-2014 11:10 AM

Re: Time passes faster when you get older?
If he is correct then it is quite likely thhat our perceptions create our own individual reality.
Well, you do create your own individual reality in your mind. But that doesn't have any affect on the reality that exists outside of our heads.
It seems to me that it is worth considering the idea that our individual perceptions form our individual reality that is distinct from everyone else's.
But when you see time slowing down, that doesn't affect the time that everyone else is seeing.

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