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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   The Specific Cause of the "Evolution vs. 'Creationism'" Controversy, and of the appar
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09-18-2013 1:54 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by PaulGL
09-17-2013 12:44 PM

Swing and a miss
PaulGL writes:
It is impossible to understand the Bible merely with the finite human mind alone, regardless of how much time and theology you employ to do so. The truths contained in the Bible must be REVEALED spiritually in order to be correctly understood mentally.
This is the crux of the reason why the mind alone is incapable of understanding the Bible: some of the accounts are literal, and some are allegorical. Without revelation, you confuse the two and fall into systematized error.
The Bible is a book of LIFE, NOT a book of knowledge. Genesis Chapter One is an account of the propagation of life, NOT creation per se. It is an allegorical depiction of the relationship of the Spirit, the Word, light, and life.
But you're wrong.
The truth of the Bible hasn't been REVEALED spiritually to you yet. You've fallen into a systematized error, forever thinking you've nailed it, but always being left behind in the realm of darkness.
Why is it virtually considered heresy to believe that God may have used evolution to create man?
It's not heresy, it's just wrong. Again, the truth has not been REVEALED spiritually to you yet. If it had, you wouldn't be saying such strange things. You're so lost in your own systematized error you can't even tell.
The world is headed inexorably in one direction, and no one can prevent it.
Obviously you haven't met me yet.
Christ will return and, by all indications, sooner not later. THIS FACT, and not any amount of accumulation of the details of the physical universe, needs to be your primary consideration. The outward picture of the Flood and the Ark is a type foretelling a spiritual reality to come. It would be 'wise and prudent' for you to expend a modicum of time and effort to ascertain what the 'ark' symbolizes, and how you can enter into Him before the flood comes.
Wow, really? The systematized error is strong with this one.
I think it will be a very long process for you to open your mind to God so that you can hear the truth He's trying so hard to scream at you. Just relax and try to read the Bible with a Godly mind. The truth is obvious to all those filled with the spirit. Just try it, it will come to you.

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