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Author Topic:   Hello everyone, and my senior paper
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03-12-2013 5:46 PM
Reply to: Message 19 by KevinAthans
03-07-2013 4:31 PM

Would it make you all happy if I said the history of science is more important to non-scientists than a science class is? I still think a biologist should read Darwin, but to your average person, I still think A history of science course does a lot more than a biology course...
Your ideas lack a target. I would hazard a guess that for some young teenage girls the history of Justen Beber's discography is more important than the history of science, or even biology itself. What each person finds more interesting is just a matter of opinion, and one that they are free to hold.
When you say that "A history of science course does a lot more than a biology course", what does it do a lot more of? Will a history of science class help you to properly set up a PCR? Will a history of science class help you optimize an ELISA assay? Will reading "Origin of Species" help you understand the the flow of electrons in the Kreb's Cycle?
This seems to be the weakness in your thesis so far. What I would hope to see from your paper is specifics as to why studying the history of science is important. I fully agree that the history of science is absolutely fascinating and a very rewarding journey. In fact, I think most people here would agree as well.
Good luck!!

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