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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Is Intelligent Design An Open Movement?
Spiritual Anarchist
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01-27-2013 7:17 PM

I would like to see a thread on here that will encourage more discussion on what the current proponents of Intelligent Design are open to. In other words many opponents rightly point out that most advocates of ID are Christian. And even further damning is the history of the ID movement being originated in Creationism.
It seems to me this whole debate is between Christians and Atheist on what is and isn't real science. I think the sticking point here is the word Design.
Design implies a total lack of creativity and to me is just as cold as Richard Dawkins summary of natural selection...
""Life results from the non-random survival of randomly varying replicators."
When a Penn and Teller episode of BullSh* Penn ask Teller what is the Creationist response to Dawkins Teller hits him with a Bible.
The Intelligent Design movement claims to be different.But given the history of the Discovery Institute and the famous Wedge Document many are justifiably skeptical.
The truth is Design is cold to me anyway whether it is by a God with a predetermined outcome that ignores all the suffering involved until the end ...or simply nature selecting for survival traits.
I do not believe we live in a cold Godless Universe. But I have concluded instead that the Universe is alive and as more awareness manifest the Universe becomes more creative. The suffering in this process is attributed to the fact that to eliminate suffering that the Universe must become self reflective and aware of itself through us and other sentient beings.
Is the Intelligent Design Movement open to Pantheism or other view points beside Christianity?
I feel like I must choose a false Dichotomy in this debate between a meaningless Universe with no room for souls,freewill etc
or belief in some Tribal Deity of the Canaanites.
Are other viewpoints besides the Christian and the Atheist welcome or given consideration? Or is the debate of ID just a battle of Christian values versus Nihilism/Materialism?
Edited by Spiritual Anarchist, : Typo. The last sentence did not render a complete thought. So I expanded the last sentence for clarity.

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