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Author Topic:   Happy New Year
Member (Idle past 2187 days)
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12-31-2012 10:35 PM

Happy New Year to all, comrades and adversaries alike.
Because we are all friends here, I wish all of you the best in the new year.

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From: netherlands
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12-31-2012 11:02 PM

Happy new year. And now at least I will be getting some much needed sleep...

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01-01-2013 1:04 AM

HappY New Year Everyone!

What if Eleanor Roosevelt had wings? -- Monty Python
One important characteristic of a theory is that is has survived repeated attempts to falsify it. Contrary to your understanding, all available evidence confirms it. --Subbie
If evolution is shown to be false, it will be at the hands of things that are true, not made up. --percy

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01-01-2013 1:44 AM

Happy New Year Everyone
God Bless,

"John 5:39 (KJS) Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me."

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From: Liverpool
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01-01-2013 4:33 AM

Have a good one!

The above ontological example models the zero premise to BB theory. It does so by applying the relative uniformity assumption that the alleged zero event eventually ontologically progressed from the compressed alleged sub-microscopic chaos to bloom/expand into all of the present observable order, more than it models the Biblical record evidence for the existence of Jehovah, the maximal Biblical god designer.
-Attributed to Buzsaw Message 53
The explain to them any scientific investigation that explains the existence of things qualifies as science and as an explanation
-Attributed to Dawn Bertot Message 286
Does a query (thats a question Stile) that uses this physical reality, to look for an answer to its existence and properties become theoretical, considering its deductive conclusions are based against objective verifiable realities.
-Attributed to Dawn Bertot Message 134

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01-01-2013 8:42 AM

Happy New Year to all, and I hope your coming year is filled with fun and happiness.

we are limited in our ability to understand
by our ability to understand
Rebel American Zen Deist
... to learn ... to think ... to live ... to laugh ...
to share.

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From: Muenchen Bayern Deutschland
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01-01-2013 9:23 AM

Thanks! A Happy 2013 for everyone as well.

Member (Idle past 693 days)
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01-01-2013 9:46 AM

Happy New Year, and may your New Year be Mayan free.

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01-01-2013 12:33 PM

Is it 2013 already?
Best wishes, everybody.

Fundamentalism - the anti-American, anti-Christian branch of American Christianity

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01-01-2013 1:27 PM

Happy new year everyone.

'Qui non intelligit, aut taceat, aut discat'
The mind is like a parachute. It only works when it is open.-FZ
The industrial revolution, flipped a bitch on evolution.-NOFX
It takes all kinds to make a mess- Benjamin Hoff

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01-01-2013 1:28 PM

Did everyone wake up this morning?

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01-02-2013 4:48 AM

Happy New Year from real zero GMT.

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From: frozen wasteland
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01-02-2013 12:20 PM

I had to work New Years Day and I had to take a cab because the buses weren't running. On the way, the driver got a phone call from his father in India wishing him a Happy New Year.
So, six hours into the new year I learned:
  1. Technology is amazing.
  2. Stereotypes are alive and well.

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01-02-2013 12:35 PM

Happy New Year!!
*this is where Kermit the Frog waves his arms all wildly*
Is 2013 considered an unlucky year by anyone? I haven't heard of anything like that yet. I don't know if I haven't heard of it because no one thinks it's unlucky... or if I haven't heard of it because it's even too unlucky to talk about...
Do high-rises generally have a 13th floor now? Or are they still leaving that out?
Then again... "2012 gave us two raptures, an apocalypse, and the reelection of the 'Kenyan Muslim Socialist Antichrist Obama'". Or so I've heard reading other article comments. So maybe there's no place to go but up?

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01-02-2013 12:37 PM
Reply to: Message 14 by Stile
01-02-2013 12:35 PM

Re: Happy New Year!!
Do high-rises generally have a 13th floor now?
I used to work on the 13th floor of a building. On 13th St.

The human understanding when it has once adopted an opinion (either as being the received opinion or as being agreeable to itself) draws all things else to support and agree with it.
- Francis Bacon
"There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old's life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs." - John Rogers
A world that can be explained even with bad reasons is a familiar world. But, on the other hand, in a universe suddenly divested of illusions and lights, man feels an alien, a stranger. His exile is without remedy since he is deprived of the memory of a lost home or the hope of a promised land. This divorce between man and his life, the actor and his setting, is properly the feeling of absurdity. — Albert Camus
"...the pious hope that by combining numerous little turds of
variously tainted data, one can obtain a valuable result; but in fact, the
outcome is merely a larger than average pile of shit." Barash, David 1995.

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