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Author Topic:   Missing building stone of abiogenesis discovered?
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11-11-2012 5:30 PM
According to the article, a molecule called AEG has been found to exist naturally. This would give weight to new and improved theories on abiogenesis.
Now, I'm no expert, but I was curious what this forum's more knowledgeable members would think about these developments.
Now most naturalists often still have to reply that ''we do not yet know for sure'' when pressed on this facet of the orgin of humanity. Is this a major step towards relative clarity on abiogenesis?
Seems like a orgin of life topic to me, but it's mostly a news topic, so other more relevant subforums also could work.
Title might also need rephrasing.

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Posts: 162
From: netherlands
Joined: 06-23-2010

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11-12-2012 8:09 AM

I see what you're trying to imply. However, this statement more a common protocol to not draw any hard conclusions about such a important topic without further research, rather then stemming from any real confusion or dead-ends. It's always written like this. You genuinely didn't know, or are you just taking it out of context?
From what I learned before about the topic, this is a significant lead, enough for me to ask the question speculatively.

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